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ITForum 2014 a year worldwide 22 and 23 May 2014 palacongressi RIMINI Sign in financial world through the front door , making you involve the exciting educational content , with trading sessions that will give you the opportunity to know the greatest experts in the world of finance , advise you and confront them. You will finally learn how to better manage your savings and your investment , learning the most advanced techniques to invest , how to diversify and set between the foreign exchange markets , sapendoti disentangle between stocks and bonds in a very simple and practical , all thanks to the use of all the possible tools that will be placed at your disposal during the seminars , meetings, conferences and round tables . The great John Bollinger , “The Master of the Technical Analysis will be available for any queries , questions or information about the performance of the financial market. Meetings that will open your mind , designed to guide you in the right direction helping you understand what is going on in the world with regard to the economy , to understand the current crisis and to learn how to defend yourself from it , such as apprendendere finally protect your savings and where to direct your investments . The best experts Trading On – line world will be present in Rimini to talk about the financial market , making us see the issue from different points of view , to analyze the market to 360 °. Do not miss the unique opportunity to learn to understand the financial market , the current global economic crisis and how to defend themselves , even passing attack thanks to the acquisition of techniques to allow you to invest in the most secure their savings , participating in the meetings to be held free of charge at the Rimini Convention Centre on 22 and 23 May 2014. Location: Conference Centre Via della Fiera , 23 Rimini Date 22 e May 23, 2014 Tel +39 0541 393820

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