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In ancient Rome, Rimini was considered to be the second Roman capital , an important route of communication and transport goods , it is noted by the great and powerful Roman monuments that surround the city and the main Roman roads such as the Via Flaminia , which connects Rome to Rimini. The association A.R.I.E.S. Rimini , re-enactment group LEGIO XIII Gemina and Command 27121 Artillery Barracks remember Julius Caesar ” Ides of March ” , better known as the assassination of Julius Caesar in March 15, 44 BC . The authorities take a laurel wreath in the center of Rimini, Three Martyrs Square , where is located the suggestum to remember the tradition of Caesar that is to prepare the Legions of the thirteenth to the passage of the river Rubicon. The event will begin near the statue placed in front of the barracks of Julius Caesar in Via Flaminia at 10:00 and at 11:00 the gathering of the Legio XIII Gemina at decomano or the Arch of Augustus until the ancient Roman Forum and Piazza Tre martyrs . The event will include various workouts and historical activities represented to understand how the Romans were trained to complete a parade and leading to the Tiberius Bridge to mark the beginning of its construction . At 15:00 appointment at the old cemetery in Riccione , close to Roman Bridge will be set up camp with tents and gear defended Roman-style furniture all of the time. So much history and so much culture , all this in Rimini that invites you for a blast from the past !

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