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Beach Line Festival 2014

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Beach Line Festival 2014 17th edition Festival on the beach Riccione From 21 to April 27, 2014 The tournament ‘s most famous moment as far as the Beach Volleyball will be held on the beautiful beaches of Riccione. The best athletes in the sport will see them in Riccione, to join the race more fun and exciting that there is , full of the match, which will be held on the long beach that goes from Rio Marano until you arrive at the port of Riccione. Over a thousand participants , all coming from northern Europe, will arrive in Riccione to compete in the 200 playgrounds set up for the occasion. From April 21 to 27 , therefore, do not miss the Beach Line Festival, unique in its kind, with lots of sport , sun, music and nice people and sun sports lover ‘s Beach Volleyball . Together with our best athletes we will see the greatest German national beach volleyball, as well as the best Belgian and Austrian athletes , all ready to challenge for us feel emotions scream . A great show that will leave you in awe with the many matches that will be held from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, then resume from 14.00 to 20:00 in the sun in Riccione. In the days April 21 to 27 , all the premises such as bars , restaurants , hotels will be activated to give the best, offering and delivering iniziazive of all kinds, offering guests comfort and entertainment of all kinds, in order to regain the trust of Germans and northern Europeans as it was in the sixties and seventies, when the Germans came in droves and felt pampered by the hotels . date: From 21 to April 27, 2014 location: Riccione beach From the port in Rio Marano  

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