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Blogfest – Marina Centro of Rimini

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Blogfest Marina Centro of Rimini From 12 to September 14, 2014 It will be held in Rimini, the ninth edition of BlogFest, a very important event dedicated to the world of the web, the community, the blogosphere. Participate in important characters of web enthusiasts but also for pleasure, all gathered in three wonderful days, through which you can create, share, discuss and communicate using the web, this powerful tool has become as useful as indispensable, and that continues to surprise both for its usefulness for the continuous divulgarsi with an exponential growth that is unmatched. Influential names in journalism from the pens of the most famous debates in the blogosphere on topics chosen for this edition covering the following topics: Fashion, Kids, Media, Food, Economy. The open discussions are all different and interesting, but the novelty of this year is the Fashion and the web, its benefits, the importance of the use of the network and that through it you will get extraordinary results that before the arrival Internet and therefore of social networks and all the tools that possimamo use today, were unthinkable to achieve. The Internet has revolutionized the world, in every sense, even influencing our choices, our habits, finding consensus and disagreements, deploying on the one hand those who are in favor of the use or the use of the web, on the other hand those who sostienne too much use of the Internet is leading to a cooling of relations social, human and personal relationships giving rise to more and more virtual than real. Marina Centro in these three days devoted to the world of the web is the ideal place for those who want to participate in numerous BarCamp that will come to life, in fact the BarCamp are straight lines of the “non-conference” where the theme or topic is proposed by the participant and not by the organizers as it is for the conference to discuss the topic that have already established. Eagerly awaited is the awarding of the My-Macchianera, special awards this year is that English opens doors to Fashion Blogger and Youtuber. The site opens nominations Mia and always within it can be followed in real time rankings of players, who are the 10 finalists in each category. Two simultaneous events in the Rimini area on the dates of September 12 to 14, 2014, Blogfest AND GRAND PRIZE of San Marino and Riviera di Rimini at the Misano World Circuit in the program. With the BlogFest start from Parco Fellini September 12 with the opening reception and meeting place from 14 to 21, to continue following the vestissimo program that you can see on the official website event BlogFest dates 12-13 September 2014-14- place Rimini Opening reception-in Parco Fellini starting from 14:00

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