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BLUE NIGHT June 14, 2014 In Rimini Terme Taking a cue from the Notte Rosa was born in Emilia Romagna the ” Celestial Night ” which this year will touch the third edition after the excellent results obtained in previous years, which saw 50 000 admissions in various locations in the region and in spas where you are required events . In practice we speak of an appointment on the spa , where the center of it all is the physical and inner balance , which last year involved 23 different spas in 18 locatit√† the Emilia Romagna region , with an infinite all original and surprising initiatives such as torchlight up the hill , live concert harp under the starry sky , tastings of various high- level quality , fun throwing bright balloons in the sky at night, guided tours to source from precious waters , the thermal paths , animations of all kinds for both large and children and many others. It’s a unique opportunity if you want to live a very relaxing day, a combination of relaxation and well-being expertly blended so lightly by the organizers , who joined in a perfect synergy prepare meetings and themed events with the sole purpose to make you feel good , amaze you and make you relax as you’ve never done. So Saturday, June 14 in Rimini Terme you can expect a very long night , where you can take care of your body , relax, entertain and restore inner balance at best . Hotel Stresa, in Viale Gubbio Rivazzurra reminds you that it is only 5 stops and bus number 11 from the spa and remains at your disposal for any information you need , such as: services , any offers , room info or relating to the structure , information about the breakfast and products including those used for those with food intolerances , various prices , and more. To book your HEAVENLY NIGHT at Hotel Stresa is as easy as a phone call, or if it is more convenient to send us an email indicating the phone number to be contacted and any preferred time . Date Saturday, June 14, 2014 Rimini Terme Tel 0541 424011 Tourist Information Tel 0541 53399 Location: Rimini Terme, Prince of Piedmont Avenue Accessible by bus No. 11 – stop 34

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