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BOAT TOURS AND SAILBOAT RIMINI And ‘well known that Rimini is no shortage of initiatives, attractions for all ages and activities of all kinds, so between all the fun and possible things to do are also fantastic excursions, is in that boat sailing. For those wishing to venture into such an experience, the possibilities are various, you can choose to visit the breeding of mussels, or devote themselves to “Fishing for mackerel barrel”, do Catholic and Gabicce, Bay of Angels and Pesaro’s departure is from bathrooms: 72 Torre Pedrera and 39 Viserbella, so “Motonave Beautiful Rimini” gives us the opportunity to spend a day really different and in contact with the sea. Then there is also Motonave Delfino Verde, which offers us start from the piers Rivazzura (115-bath at bus stop 27), or the motorboat Lady Cristina Which brings us to: Portoverde, metanifere platforms, Bay of Angels, Isle of Steel Nursery and mussels, with a scenic cruise to Pesaro, starting from Piazza Tripoli Rimini (41 bath), 100 Marebello to the bathroom and the bathroom Miramare 139/140, also provides the opportunity for groups who request it leaving from the Port Channel in Rimini or Riccione and animating everything with grilled fish both in the afternoon and evening, logon is set for May 1. For lovers of sailing boat Sailing is Excalibur, which proposes a sail towards the promontory of Vallugola and sailing lessons, with a capacity of ten people the hike starts from a minimum of 4 participants. There is also Motonave Queen Elisabeth, Fishing – Catholic Motonave Buster, Catholic Motopesca Lupin III, all offering fun excursions. Remember that the opening of the pontoons is scheduled for June 1 of each year, in the off season the ferries also depart from the harbor, the rest that remains is to choose on which of the above you want to go up and spend a wonderful day in full contact with the sea. Docks for boat trips: Rimini Port Channel Bathroom 41 Square Tripoli Bathroom 72 Lagomaggio Bathroom 100 Marebello Bathroom 115 Rivazzura Bathroom 140 Miramare Bathroom 7 Rivabella Bathroom 18 Viserba Bathroom 39 Viserbella Bathroom 72 Torre Pedrera

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