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Italy In Miniature

ITALY IN MINIATURE VISERBA on RIMINI THE THEME PARK Rimini , as always, never fails to give us joy , fun and relaxation , always careful to best meet the expectations , this time puts us on a platter pleasure to turn the whole of Italy in one day , to live in the most instructive possible , especially for the boys, who visit the park will be able to discover our beautiful country with its original and infinite particularity , making the hike and preparatory training , fun and always ready to surprise us with surprises. The organizers for this summer of 2014 they prepared a multitude of themed events that will take place during the season. We will see concerts, gatherings, parties and special events , with initiatives such as the very nice ” makeup redone ,” which from April 25 to June 2, daily from 16:30 to 17:30 you have the option of being watched from the free face painting in kiosk near the San Marco in Venice where he placed in Miniature. As we said the initiatives that staff proposes for this summer of 2014 are numerous, June 15, for example, in Italy there will be cosplay, to spend a day together at the BHC Cosplayer , and dressed as cartoon characters can make you photograph , slide and sing along with the karaoke songs that most beloved cartoon . On June 21, Italy in Miniature opens the door to summer 2014 with a party tailored to families based on games and battles with water, then the staff for August 9 we reserve a sleepover , leaving the prolonged opening up 24:00 , giving the opportunity to all those arriving in pajamas from 19:00 to enter for free if you are aged up to 11 years, while for adults the price is € 5 . On August 16, put on ” Ave Augustus ” to remember Octavian Augustus, with shows, games , music, and fighting to be Gladiator for a day, of course, all in a toga . These are some of the initiatives that Italy in Miniature offers us , but the staff has many more surprises , just inquire according to the period of interest in order to choose the perfect day for you and at the same time raise awareness Italy to your children, a unique way to tell the story of our country in the most enjoyable way there is. The Rimini Hotel Stresa is at your disposal for any information you may have, as a quote for your stay in our hotel to the characteristics of the hotel, from what Hotel Stresa offers customers with information about Italy in Miniature prices , schedules and more, including information on the Rimini area with its many attractions . Italy in Miniature Popilia , 238 Viserba Rimini Tel +39 0541 736736 Fax +39 0541 732203

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