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Mirabilandia 2014 “the park ” by definition

Mirabilandia il parco divertimenti

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What better way to combine business with pleasure , experience a wonderful holiday in Rimini “the capital of attractions” including most exciting adventure park that has ever been created in recent years , Wonderland . While you are enjoying your lovely holiday in Rimini , reach Wonderland will be a real pleasure thanks to the convenience offered by means linking Rimini Park , in this case you decide to leave your car at the hotel , leaving you recommend by the staff of the Hotel Augustus Riccione and Rimini Hotel Stresa , who will take care of you , your well-being and v’indirizzerà in the right directions with goals of fun and relaxation. This summer, once again Wonderland is ready to give us a fun indescribable as is the park , in fact, to describe it and tell you about it would take us days if you were to list , describe, and then comment on all the attractions that it offers , so you may want to visit , as it is the only way possible if there is to be made on behalf of the extraordinary potential that Wonderland has , thanks to its organization nothing short of excellent . The staff due to its professionalism , love and passion that daily dedication in order to entertain and amuse unable to coordinate a variety of attractions that combine performances, events , games , educational projects , management of stores, one to close the whole devoting maximum attention to safety , so that children and families can enjoy in peace. As already mentioned attractions are many to list, some of the names to make the idea are: iSpeed ​​with un’accellerazione from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.2 seconds , reaching the curves at 120 km / h , Divertical inspired to ‘ offshore is the tallest water coaster in the world for those who want the ultimate thrill , Niagara that will make you ride a wave that you have hardly seen live mei , Reset for those who want a New York armed with laser guns , Autosplash to blast on a real highway aquatic , Blue River, Discovery to try an indescribable feeling down swooping down in a free fall to take your breath away even the bravest , Fantasyland , La Casa Matta, Hare Express for toddlers and many more. Then there are the shows that are incredibly exciting for everyone, big and small, coma Hotwheels Police Academy , a stunt show with acrobatics indescribable where real professionals in the world put in place by truck, motorcycle and car a show that leaves everyone mouth open, to continue with the return of Peter Pan made acrobatic diving from dizzying heights , Little Red Riding Hood with his hilarious musical , Circus Mike & Otto , Mystery and Magic, and many others who do not end up more to list . Recall also that the excellent organization has not neglected anything really, so you can give comfort to all visitors, from adequate parking in a beautiful picnic area , bars, restaurants that prepare gluten-free meals for those who are celiac , then a park where you should have fun without having to worry about anything, superfonito you all kind of services in order to satisfy everyone. The park is also prepared to accommodate schools, mixed groups , birthdays, colony groups , parish groups , the over-sixties , even companies , offering them multiple opportunities to organize meetings and at the request of the packages offers “turnkey ” for organizing conventions , or even as the location where offers its own expert dedicated to the company requesting that all the time will take care of the logistics and the various catering activities , as well as to organize the various activities of the host . Hotel Stresa Rimini , together with Hotel Augustus Riccione wish you a summer 2014 AMAZING , with fun and relaxation on the agenda for icing , happy to point out the places of interest once you get to the hotel, remind you that the surrounding area is the place where statistimamente there is the highest percentage than in any other place for entertainment , attractions, dining , relaxation, physical and mental wellbeing , “and where there is all this there is love . ” Word of the entire staff of the two best reviewed hotels in Rimini province . Tel +39 0544 561156 LUOGO PARCO MIRABILANDIA SS 16 Adriatica Km 162 Savio (RA)

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