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The organization of conferences and Rimini : the new convention center

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The new Rimini Convention Centre was opened October 15, 2011 , with the presence of authorities such as the Ministry of Tourism and the president of the Regions at the opening ceremony . Considered the largest convention center in all of Italy , has two main bodies , the three inputs , an important system foyer and a large surrounding area walkable , with a total area of about 30,000 square meters. Designed and built as a ” sewn ” to the city , not surprisingly large Conference Hall have all the names of the architectural symbols of Rimini as the Amphitheatre room on the first floor , where it is present inside the shell of Wolkwin Marg with 1600 seats fixed seats , adjustable in two rooms with 800 seats . Castel Sigismondo Hall , Room Malatesta Temple, Arch of Augustus Sala and Sala Piazza Cavour , the names of the other rooms . In short, the total capacity of the convention center ospitativa is expressed in about 40 halls with more than nine seats and the largest room alone ” sits ” over 4,500 people. Services , sefgreteria , catering as well as open space dedicated to particular specifications make the ” palas ” one of the reasons of pride in the city more welcoming of Italy.

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