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PAGANELLO 2014: Mamma Mia!

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Rimini PAGANELLO 2014: Mamma Mia! XXIV Edition From April 17 to 21 Paganello is , with its two disciplines , the FREESTYLE and the ULTIMATE BEACH , basically a Frisbee tournament , that if you talk about teams compete Beach Ultimate , but if if you challenge one on one, in pairs or up to a maximum of three people, then stiam talking about the Freestyle . The origins of the Frisbee are in the U.S., and date back half a century ago, when a few people who amused themselves by throwing a disc has begun a continuing spread of this fun sport, which quickly became known in all countries of the world . The Pay as fans call it , has become every year more and more important , being able to now boast of being one of the most respected tournaments in the world. Rimini beach is particularly suitable for the occasion , not to say that it is perfect, and thanks to this the Pay immediately had the international success that we currently enjoy . You will begin Thursday, April 17th with a huge welcome party , to continue with the first matches scheduled for Friday , and get to the finals which will be held on Mondays. They will come for the occasion, from 25 different countries, 1,200 athletes. Paganello accessed for free, even Thursday during the welcome party , and remind you that the pay is not only one of the most important tournaments of frisbee in the world, but it is also a mega meeting with people from every country, and therefore an opportunity to know and be known , where it is inevitable that cultural exchanges take place , all in a wonderful atmosphere that will surround you with a cloak of positive energy , emitted into the air by the participants themselves , as a result of music, dancing , sports. To give the show there will also be musical groups , and to delight with the show as many as 12 women’s teams will participate in sports , 28 men , 8 juniors , and 32 mixed . So do not miss it from 17 to April 21, 2014 on the beaches of Rimini, because it’s really a meeting with the world, where you do not need a ticket, because the entrance is FREE , and you will experience unique emotions frisbisti admiring the best in the world action before your eyes . Where exactly will Paganello : RIMINI BEACH, ITALY

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