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Patto di Luce un musical che apre il cuore

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For years now in the delightful “small country out of the world ” is staged the musical Patto di Luce.

It is not just a musical or a traditional staging of a show, Covenant of Light is a play prepared as a theatrical event but who is the son of an idea , a project, the union of many acts of intent to prepare young to ” visit ” with other eyes so many hopes and reality.

A team of dreamers call it , positive people who use the show to bring everyone a different communication made up of awareness of what we are, on human rights, on the strength of man, who can deal with everything and if you want to feel satisfied.

The guys who organize , prepare , participate , promote the Covenant of Light Musical relate to other young people, firmly believe in a project … some beautiful things are hard to be ” promoted ” but the commitment is truly remarkable.

Besides all this it must be said that the musical is represented in the province of Rimini, at less than 15 km from the city , in one of the most beautiful places in the region, seems an oasis of peace : Lake Montecolombo.

Museum , Hotel, youth center , academy of art , theater, camping, pizzeria, restaurant, piadineria , Church …. all this gathered around the beautiful lake of Montecolombo … when I first saw it I thought that if the ” Neverland ” is after the second star to the right and then straight on till morning , this place is after the third left 🙂 🙂 even James Matthew Barrie.avrebbe could invent better, it looks like a place ” fantastic ” is so beautiful that it seems unreal …

It ‘ really strange that it is the show that its location is not known or recognized nationally .

The work Pact light in addition to being well- choreographed and performed by dancers of the highest level (they seemed most talented dancers of Cats ) and talented singers , as well as this brings with it a positive message , invites all to the respect of human tip of its rights and the foundations of love for a better world

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