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A.S.D. FITNESS RIMINI PRESENTS: The Italian Championship Rhythmic Gymnastics and youth criterium THE ITALIAN LEAGUE OVERVIEW YOUTH AND OPEN 2014 1 and 2 June 2014 to : 105 STADIUM RIMINI He was born in 2011 Associacione Gymnastics Rimini , with the aim of carrying out the activity of rhythmic gymnastics , and in record time has earned the consideration of the Italian Gymnastics Federation , who has honored with an assignment of the first order , to organize the ABSOLUTE ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP in Rimini . In these leagues will see the performances of the most talented Italian individualist , and in any case all of our gymnasts Team Italy , both Italian and foreign . With Youth Criterium instead we watch the spectacular performances of the students of the most promising Italian rhythmic gymnastics , which will delight you with its elegance and perfection of body movements , the result of hard work , daily, who tenaciously held steadily, driven by the passion that only those who truly love this sport can be . Another great show as we are seeing at the National Championship Together with the Youth and Open categories in the race for the Italian title , where the athletes competing with their exceptional skills will leave us speechless , doing the exercises with a level of high precision . The race, given the level of athletes, will stettacolare and exciting, with Italy ranks among the favorites , being one of the strongest nations in the world in this specialty. Date : 1 and June 2, 2014 Location: Rimini, 105 Stadium , Piazzale Pasolini 1 / c Phone: 338-2005622 < > 334-7677872

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