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Sea of Books VII edition

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Festival of the guys who read Sea of Books VII edition Rimini 13 to 15 June 2014 What is said and what has been said about the kids of today , the fact that there are more groups than once, that you do not play more for the road, which are always attached to the computer only virtually socializing etc , partly true but not entirely correct in our opinion, because so it seems that all a belittling young now , their interests and their values. The truth is that sometimes it is easier to find flaws in all things , and so you are likely to end up being reductive , but if we begin to look beyond the tip of the nose , we realize that the reality is sometimes different, and perhaps better than you think . As in the case of today’s youth , which for the uninitiated are very cute , forward and full of interest , one of these is the argument that we will address in this article , young people and reading. Skeptics and all those who speak out of turn kids today probably do not know that there is a very high percentage of boys who read , reading lovers of all kinds, from comics to novels, poems and literature. The Festival of the guys who read to them and is dedicated to young adults , which will open in Rimini for a duration of three days of intense and interesting in the month of June, in order to enable the students to meet hundreds of authors of the most famous and loved, both Italian and foreign , during which you can watch cultural performances very entertaining and thematic workshops . It will be a unique experience for the young participants , as will new friendships , building , dealing with peers ( and not ) in respect of interests in common , especially on reading , sharing and exchanging opinions , tastes, catching up on news and then enriching the their culture so cute , funny, and above all in a positive way . Sea of ​​Books will be held in the historic center of Rimini , a city that lends itself perfectly to an initiative of this caliber , able to combine history with modern reality in a mix that only Rimini can offer, known in Italy and around the world as a tourist resort understated , youthful, fun, full of history and cutting-edge trends , with the people who traditionally are fond of the ” good life ” , the life style unique and inimitable. During the three days of the festival will be presented with pride in Rimini also the first edition of the Sea of ​​Books, with a jury made up of children who attend the first and second upper , vote for the best children’s novel published in 2013. Saturday night, June 14 , attended by authors like Joseph Catozzella , Eraldo Refined and Fabio Geda , an evening during which the show will be staged Traveling in the Mediterranean, from Ulysses to migrants in Lampedusa, for a unique show that combines music and drama , which tells the search for common roots between the two shores of the Mediterranean. It has already had confirmation of the participation of Michela Murgia , who will speak freely about the most famous masterpiece in recent years , ” The Lord of the Rings” , written by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien The unmissable events will be multiple in these three intense days , such as the intervention of Lemony Snicket , the author of ” A Series of Unfortunate Events ” which as everyone knows is a series of novels that has been a huge success thanks to the that were brought in cinematography , intervention is likely to happen through a video greetings to the readers of the Sea of ​​books , as Daniel Handler and his alter ego Lemony Snicket will not be present in June this year, but surely June 2015 will be in Rimini , we could call it a funny coincidence precisely ” an unfortunate event ” and hence the doubt that it is a publicity stunt is already very present in many , but to us it does not matter. Boys from all over Italy and beyond will be featured in Rimini for the Festival of the kids who read 13 to 15 June 2014, so if you love reading , socializing in the most positive and constructive as possible, if you love to travel, meet city rich in art and history, do not miss the opportunity to participate in these three wonderful days in Rimini , because reading is synonymous with culture and knowledge of life, and if you do not feel an avid connoisseurs of this world do not be intimidated , indeed , reason more to approach lightly, with no need to feel in competition with anyone, you have to interpret and take the reading from the right way , at 360 °, with light weight, starting to exchange ideas and make new friends , just so they can grow and improve , starting with the idea that a small step forward that day is the secret to better enjoy a busy life . All very lightly, because thankfully reading is a vast ocean where we have the freedom to choose what to put in the network, from simple and fun comics, the exciting fiction , literature most engaged , books for everyone and for every taste, and how often advise teachers of life wiser, it is important to read and sometimes simply start reading .   For info tel 054125357

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