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RIMINI – FRIENDS OF BRUGG 22-23-24 May 2014 57th At Rimini Fiera Amici di Brugg intends to Rimini with its fifty-seventh congress devoted entirely all’odontoatria , for medical , dental technicians and dental sellers . The three days will be distributed so as to better address all elements of the subject in question. Thursday, May 22 , HALL VERGNANO , we will discuss the issues related to the sale of the tooth , which will be held during the 5th training course for sellers, who will be full of interesting topics , such as the relationship between dental technicians and dentists , its evolution , and if it has been changed with the arrival of new technologies. On the same morning of Thursday , the professor of communication Guastamacchia Carlo , exhibit , as well as explain the importance of direct personal relationship and how it is essential for the presentation of the product, to explain the mode to put it into practice . After a lunch break we will resume talking about the importance of communication strategies , what is new in them , both in the digital than in analog . From 15:30 to 17:00 the Bocconi faculty member , David Reina , exhibit opportunities and benefits that are there for both the supplier and dentists , as well as to address the issue concerning the consultancy studies , involving the sale of services and related products . 20:30 DINNER for members only Always AUDITORIUM Thursday, May 22 , dental technicians and dentists participating in the BRUGG ‘S GYMNASIUM , the group of young friends Brugg , where the maximum age is 35 years .. Friday, May 23 in room A , will meet dentists , starting at 8:45 with the theme “THE TREATMENT PLAN ” to finish at 18:15 with peri-implantitis , and how surgery can be based on the diagnosis of the defect .. 18:30 General Meeting in the Auditorium . Staying in the day Friday, May 23 , dental technicians will meet in the Auditorium , where it will be dealt with the following argument against the traditional prosthesis prosthesis assisted by computer . In the Hall Castagnola however, always Friday 23 May, dental hygienists will talk about prevention and maintenance with shared goals, while Biaggi in the Hall there will be an area dedicated to dental assistants , and will be discussed , from assistance to chair the elements of computer for the dental assistance . Saturday, May 24, 2014 in the Hall Castagnola , will host the VIII Conference of dentistry , which is essential for the development of health in the world . While in room A , will meet dentists and dental technicians , to address the issue of the importance of aesthetics, techniques and proposing alternative solutions. Amici di Brugg also offers a free conference dental assistants , subject to the mandatory pre-enrollment site , but as you have seen is : workshops, seminars, technological courses with their space dedicated to exhibitors so that they can present their products more innovative on the market today , to get to Brugg ‘s Gymnasium. The National Union of Italian Dental Industries UNIDI , therefore organnizza FREE SHOW TYPE open to all, Thursday and Friday from 9:00 to 18:30 and on Saturday from 9:00 to 16:30 . The congress will be held in their respective pavilions exhibition (C7 , A7, A5) and conference (C5 Auditorium ) using the input WEST Rimini Fiera . Free parking for Ordinary Members Visitor parking € 12,00 per day Secretariat Amici di Brugg New Way ring road , 69 47923 Rimini Tel +39 0541 774363

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