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RIMINI MEETING 2014 From August 24 to 30 “Towards the margins of the world and of existence. The fate has not only left the man ” The Meeting was founded in 1980 and is now unstoppable , given the media the most interesting meeting that there is , addresses issues of all kinds, everything about the being and its existence . Volunteers are the backbone of the Meeting, which coming from all over the world , you pay the trip at their own expense , and assemble , manage and dismantle the event. We are going through a period of overly complicated , where every day is a race to survive, inundated with daily problems that we are called upon to solve . Over the next Meeting will be able to travel through the outskirts of the world and the reality we are experiencing. It will address topics spanning all reality : the problem of non- work to countries seeking only freedom , because the whole people who leave their country to go to destinations in search of their fortune to the young people who have no certainty about their future until the walking ability of adults to take responsibility and then to educate , not to mention the sense of loneliness that many people feel and how they have lost the meaning of life , and of the violence suffered by the Christian community and in every part the world. Multiple therefore , as well as interesting topics being dealt with at the Meeting in Rimini in 2014 , where he likes to meet people who have a positive attitude towards reality , who look with hope and not as something to be fought. In the week of August during which the Meeting is held , Rimini is the capital of international culture , filled as described by the ” People’s Meeting” , made up of people who come from all over the world and give life to a place of friendship , for peace , coexistence and friendship among peoples. Participate for thirty years, more and more present , prominent personalities in the field of politics, sports , music of all kinds, economy, art and culture. All curious, positively speaking, with a strong judgment, ready to share and compare notes on each topic of particular historical period we are going through , to seek together the right way , the answers that sometimes we can not find on your own . Headquarters of the foundation : Via Flaminia 18/20 , Rimini Phone 0541 783100 The event will be held From May 24 to August 30, 2014 at Rimini Fiera Via Emilia, 155

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