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WORLD of COFFEE 10 to 12 June 2014 Rimini World of Coffee is the most important event at the European level with regard to coffee, where the greatest masters in the field and virtusi meet, to discuss and further enrich their innate art maker. There will be over 200 exhibitors , who will offer the most technologically advanced we may be talking about, and that their presence will create many opportunities to be able to relate, compare and enriched with respect to the world of coffee. The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe , the acronym SCAE , hold seminars and workshops for those who want to learn or improve their art. You will go step by step, all the way which is a coffee bean , knowing its origin , history , beginning to speak: from seed to harvest , from production to transport , from the various techniques used for the various types of coffee, get to the marketing of the product , thus following the entire supply chain , as well as learn the techniques of 360 ° through the courses and seminars referred to above. The best bartenders in the world will come to Rimini , and more precisely from some 56 countries to compete in a race, which is to create the drink made of coffee by the jury considered the best in the league, which is now in its fifteenth edition , brings the name of “WORLD BARISTA CHAMPIONSHIP ” 2014. Rimini for the first time will be the meeting point for the art of confectionery and specialty coffee , promoting new trends , consumption patterns and products, and takes the name of coffee new trends . In addition, there will be competitions worldwide : World Coffee Roasting Championship and World Cup Brewers From 10 to June 12, 2014 , therefore , to plunge into the wonderful world of coffee , the meeting is held at Rimini Fiera , WEST entrance . Hours: Tuesday, June 10 from 10 to 17 , Wednesday, June 11 from 10 to 17 Thursday, June 12 from 10 to 17 Thursday, 12 timetable from 15 to 17 , you can enter only with ticket online with Trade cards , VIP ; Demonstrators and press . office of hospitality Fax +39 0541-744255

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